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Template Builder

It becomes mind-blowingly easy to create your own dynamic templates for on brand materials by using our amazing Template Builder.

The Tempate Builder makes it really easy to create templates on the fly for posters, flyers, advertisements and many more materials.

Drag and drop brand elements

The Template Builder uses a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) interface to help you build your templates. By dragging elements like a photo, logo or text on the grid and dropping them on the right position you will easily build your template from the ground up or edit an existing one. For people who are familiar with DTP programs like InDesign Template Builder will be very easy to use.  

Template Builder

Guard the design with business rules

After positioning the elements you need to set the business rules. These rules determine how the template works with text elements. Will the font size automatically alter when using more text or when the maximum number of words is reached? Or define which specific fields are mandatory to fill out. There are a lot of possibilities for setting the right business rules to make you dynamic template work for the end-user while guarding the visual identity.

Use existing building blocks

To make it even more easy to create on brand materials we can also predefine the elements you use to build your templates. For example: imagine a text element with a predefined colour pattern, font size for the heading, subheading, and body text. Besides this we can also add more specific brand elements like a standard header with a fixed background and logo. Because you can also copy and edit an existing template it becomes mind-blowingly easy to create variants of existing templates. 


  • Add element like action buttons, circles, quotes to your template on the fly

  • Altering branded elements are really easy to implement

  • The Template Builder also allows you to create scalable templates (proportional and disproportional). This prevents, a not to be overlooked number of templates for end-users and administrators

  • Save time and money because you can easily create and edit templates yourself

  • You can also publish a template as semi-finished product with predefined content for campaign purposes that later on can be further localised 

  • Easy to edit the original template and change or replace elements

  • Templates never become boring because a lot of variation is possible

  • Jump start your creation process by copying an existing template

  • Publish your created templates to the right section of the Brand Portal

  • Freedom to let you create