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Translation Management

Are you active all over the world and do you want on-brand content in multiple languages? Translation Management is the perfect solution for you.

Do you want to successfully conduct business abroad, are you a major exporter or are you active in local markets all over the world? Impress your clients by making your publications available in their own language. How can you best realise and organise that task? 

ID Manager’s Translation Management is your solution. The platform enables authors to create documents, which are then sent to the chosen translators via the translation process (workflow). This ensures the translator does their work “in context” and the author can stay on top of the translation’s progress. 

This solution is suitable for a wide range of languages, even those with a right-to-left reading direction (Arabic, Hebrew, etcetera). 


  • Optimal lead times for translations

  • Transparent and clear process

  • Reuse content

  • Rapid distribution, shorter time-to-market

  • Translated documents are always on-brand

  • Security safeguarded with our excellent access control and security features

Check out our Translation Management case with Booking.com