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Inspiration Platform

Bring your best marketing communication content examples to the attention of others!

Every day, an enormous quantity of brand(ed) content is produced for various channels, in multiple languages and for a wide range of audiences. Now, there is a place where all this content comes together: the Inspiration Platform.

Success is for sharing – literally and figuratively. The most successful content is added to the inspiration platform, where it can inspire others and be reused. By allowing content to be used more than once, you eliminate unnecessary work and increase people’s brand involvement.

The platform even allows users to reuse entire campaigns (and customise them to suit their local needs), including any documents and processes.

The creators of publications or campaign managers share their work on the platform. Think of e.g. PDF files, audio files, videos and templates.

The Inspiration Platform is a great way to inspire each other. You can “like” a piece of content and reach out to its creator.

Inspiration Platform