Marketing Webshop

In the Marketing Webshop, product ranges, article categories and individual articles are created. The articles’ properties, e.g. dimensions, size, weight or length, are determined, so you can create any article imaginable. Think of e.g. flags, banners, pens, T-shirts and promotional gifts.


When the user has found the article they want, they add it to their basket. In the shopping basket, a clear overview of articles and prices tells the visitor exactly how much their order will cost.

The order process will be set up in accordance with the client’s wishes. For example, the approval of an authorising officer can be added and an optimal connection with the purchasing department will be established.

The details of each order (personal information of the person who placed the order, articles, delivery address and cost) are available. During the order process, the order is automatically forwarded to an external supplier.

  • Minimum/maximum order quantity
  • Order period definable per article
  • Price calculation per client
  • Multiple forms of currency
  • Calculate shipping costs per order, depending on weight or dimensions
  • Stock levels per branch/warehouse for each product range
  • Order processes for each article type, catalogue or supplier
  • Customisable order process
  • One general basket, clearly structured per order process


  • Filter based on properties
  • Definable properties
  • Variants feature (to show all variants of an item, e.g. paper in different sizes)
  • Option to define one’s own relationships between articles (e.g. accessory of, replacement of)
  • Definable article categories; an article can be included in multiple categories
  • Prices (recommended price, retail price) via a fixed amount or price lists, option to add quantity discounts
  • Option to define discounts for an entire order, a single article or a combination of articles (e.g. buy two, get one free)
  • Currency conversion


  • Order via ID Manager workflow
  • Inventory management
  • Integration with ERP systems
  • Integration with online payment systems
  • Budget, authorising officers, cost centres

Reporting and statistics

  • Extensive reporting options