Event Management

The Event Management solution helps you set up a successful event from beginning to end. Draw up your event planning, quickly and easily create an event website in multiple languages, send out personalised invitations, create your own online registration form, register visitors with the help of e-tickets, send out a questionnaire after the event is over and rent or purchase your event materials in the event webshop.

These are just a few examples of the tools available to help you make your events an organisation-wide success. Naturally, everything will be entirely on-brand without you having to give it a second thought. After all, there is enough to worry about as is.


Event sites

  • Quickly and easily create an on-brand event site for various types of events
  • Use event website features such as news, blog, programme, speakers, image slideshow or a contact page
  • Multiple languages throughout
  • Integration with social media
  • Fully optimised for mobile and tablet


  • Send out personalised announcements, invitations and reminders
  • Responsive on-brand email design
  • Use media from the Media Bank
  • Option to send out questionnaires afterwards for a successful follow-up


  • Easily create your own registration form
  • Decide whether you want registrations to be approved first
  • Import contact information for invitees
  • Host sessions with a maximum number of participants per session and assign speakers
  • Send out e-tickets
  • Easy visitor registration

Dashboard and reporting

  • Manage your registrations and applications. Process changes, sign participants out or resend the confirmation email, for example
  • Export all event and registration data
  • Gain insight into statistics on the number of registrations, visitors and deregistrations and send reports for any emails you send out

Event management

  • Plan all your events in an event calendar
  • You can purchase, book or rent event materials in the event webshop
  • Use a digital manual for stand rentals, additional facilities such as an internet connection, a promotional ticket system and registration for stand visitors


  • More grip on and control over your events
  • More attendees
  • Save both time and money
  • On-brand event sites and emails
  • Present a professional image towards clients and prospects
  • Increased productivity for the event team