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Publishing on Demand

Create on the fly marketing communication content such as posters, flyers, product sheets, brochures and business cards assisted by dynamic templates. This ensures that all produced materials maintain the right brand experience and meet the requirements for online and offline publishing.

Our templating engine is one of a kind. We support very complex content like magazines with many different business rules which adapt to your needs while you are creating. This is why we call them 'dynamic templates'. Want to add a new building block to your creation like a text balloon or change the layout, simply change it while you go. And imagine this: with one advertising template you can create over 500 different variants that scale proportionally and disproportionally. This is how we make life easier for you.

The process of approval, design check, translation, budgeting and many more is also handled by the platform in order to make it easy for local users to create content, while keeping grip on quality and spend on a centralised level. 

The Publishing on Demand Solution uses various other solutions found within the ID Manager platform. Including the Brand Portal, Digital Publishing and Creative & Production Workflows solutions.

The ID Manager platform is developed and improved using the knowledge and insights of both our clients and consultants. The solutions are “out of the box,” ready for use and fully customizable.

Check out our Publishing on Demand Case with Rabobank