Through predefined templates, the Web-to-Print Solutions allows you to quickly and conveniently create marketing, sales and communication materials, such as business cards, posters, flyers, advertisements, Office documents, letters, stationary, magazines and brochures. All output will automatically follow the company's brand and corporate identity, as well as print shop-specific demands.

The Web-to-Print Solution uses various other features within the ID manager platform, such as the Media Bank, Approval and Distribution work flows, User Management, and Role and Location Based Access Control.



  • Single and multi-page marketing materials
  • Dynamic templates, intelligent business rules
  • What-you-see-is-what-you-get
  • Media Bank integration
  • Automatic scaling, and image conversion
  • Supports Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and Hebrew, amongst other languages
  • Supports both left-to-right and right-to-left scripts


  • Approval process
  • Preferred suppliers
  • Print-ready files with cut-off margins
  • PDF certification
  • Colour conversion based on selected media profile
  • Distribution process


  • Prepare ready-made expressions based on pre-defined templates
  • Personal storage (save and re-use)
  • Order history (re-use)
  • Shared content (cooperate, inspire, and share)

Dashboard and report

  • Number of pending reviews
  • Printing status
  • Summary of made and ordered materials


  • On-brand content creation
  • 100% control of marketing, sales and communication expressions
  • Increases efficiency and productivity
  • Optimal Time-to-Market
  • Convenient and intuitive user experience
  • Easy, flawless delivery at print shops
  • Seamless integration with other modules