Creative and Production Management

Collaborating on strong brands. Both internally and externally. Anywhere in the world. In any language. Capital ID offers several solutions that facilitate collaboration on marketing communication content.


The Design Management module ensures that colleagues and third parties can collaborate efficiently and in a uniform manner during the design process and that they handle all design requests. By centralising briefings and designs and combining them with internal and external roles, client-specific guidelines and workflow, the design process’s quality, consistency and lead time will improve significantly.


Do you want to successfully do business abroad, are you a major exporter or active in local markets all over the world? The best way to impress your clients is to make your content available in their own language. The Translation Management solution helps you realise that.


Finally, Campaign and Project Management ensures that campaigns and projects are coordinated and safeguarded in a simple and efficient manner. From planning, resources and budgeting up to the execution and safeguarding of all campaign-related activities.