Brand Asset Management

The various components of identity, brand guidelines, visuals and examples together in one place. The starting point for collaboration on a strong brand. For employees and agencies. Internal and external. Anywhere in the world.

ID Manager’s Brand Asset Management module offers a secure, versatile and 24/7 globally available solution for the storage, management and sharing of knowledge, information and files. The Brand Asset Management solution consists of the following components.


The Brand Book is a user-friendly digital corporate style manual. Its contents are easy to manage. The Brand Book is the perfect way of sharing information and brand guidelines with others and collaborating on the development of a consistent, strong brand.


The Media Bank is the Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution for the storage of e.g. logos, visuals, sound, photography, templates and graphical files.

  • Rapid uploading and publishing with the user-friendly mass-uploader
  • Previews of common file formats are automatically generated
  • Metadata is automatically read or imported with CSV files
  • Find files quickly with the help of a clear structure, a powerful search function, filters and keywords
  • Share files (ZIP format) via email


The Digital Style Guide is used to help developers design new or existing applications, to ensure elements are applied in a consistent manner. Interface elements and interactions are recorded in the Digital Style Guide. The elements show the behaviour in real time. The code (HTML - CSS - JavaScript) is also available.


All successful brand content together in one place in the Inspiration Bank. The creators of publications or campaign managers share their creations via this platform. The Inspiration Platform is most effective when used together with the modules for Brand Asset Management, Design Management, Translation Management and Publishing on Demand.


Why struggle any longer with file storage and sharing? Many marketing and communication departments get frustrated when sharing files via the H: drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, WeTransfer or SharePoint. The Brand Drive solution collects all marketing and communication files together in one location and is fully integrated with the various ID Manager solutions.