Brand Asset Management

Brand Asset Management in ID manager provides a safe, versatile, 24/7 and worldwide available solution for managing and sharing knowledge, information, brand assets and digital assets.

  • Brand Book

  • Media Bank

  • Digital Style Guide

  • Inspiratie Platform

  • Brand Drive

Our solutions offer out-of-the box functionality as an excellent jumpstart, which are adjustable to future and evolving customer demands or organization specific workflows.


Brand Book

The Brand Book Solution within ID manager is a user-friendly, what-you-see-is-what-you-get digital guideline. The content is easy to manage. The Brand Book is the foundation to share information, knowledge and brand guidelines.

Media Bank

The Media Bank is the Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution within ID manager. It offers a secure, versatile and 24/7 worldwide available solution to store, manage, preview and distribute all your media: logos, images, video and audio, templates, art-work and more. The mass-uploader provides drag-and-drop upload, multiple asset meta-data tagging (including CSV data) and (optional) auto-tagging and image recognition. Previews of the most common file types are created automatically. The comprehensive search, grouping, filter and tagging options allow users to quickly find their assets. Downloads are automatically compressed in ZIP-format. Sharing of assets is supported via links in emails, so these remain small.

Digital Style Guide

With the Digital Style Guide, you can create a simple style guide, but also a comprehensive pattern library with all digital style elements and code. The Digital Style Guide enables real-time behaviour of these elements. Code is available as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The Digital Style Guide supports teams and developers during the design and development of applications and websites. The Digital Style Guide supports building consistent web interfaces.

Inspiration Platform

The Inspiration Platform can be used on top of the Brand Asset Management Solution, or can be connected with Design Management, Translation Management and Publishing on Demand.

Creators or campaign managers can display their creations like PDF’s, video, audio, templates and other marketing or communication materials. The marketing and communication audience can get their inspiration here.

Brand Drive

Many marketing- and communication departments strugle with the storage and sharing of files and documents on many locaties: network drives, Dropbox, OneDrive, WeTransfer or SharePoint. Easy and secure access, security and authorization, file management, availability and accessibility are many areas of concern.

Using the Brand Drive, all marketing- and communications related files and documents are safe and secure integrated within the ID manager platform and solutions. From there it is easy to share and transfer files and documents to both team members and external agencies.