Six Week Promise

Six Week Promise

We can add solutions, changes and workflows to a client’s platform within six weeks: our Six Week Promise.

The Six Week Promise ensures everyone knows what to expect. Our clients can easily draw up a programme or release calendar and develop their enterprise marketing and communication platform in a structured manner, in terms of planning, resources and budget.

In this manner, we help you achieve your objectives!
Below, you will find an overview of what a Six Week Promise might look like for your organisation:

Sprint 1 

Week 1Week 2 
Kick-offCustomer review scope of work
Business analysis and consultancyFinalise scope of work
Scope of work detailsDraw up test plan for customer
Customer call / meetingCustomer call / meeting


Sprint 2

Week 3Week 4
Implementation of solutionImplementation of solution
Interaction & visual design developmentInteraction & visual design development
Customer call / meetingCustomer call / meeting


Sprint 3

Week 5Week 6
Internal testing & reworkAcceptance of deployment
Presentation to customerLive deployment 
Customer testing & reworkProject sign-off and afterlife
Deployment planStart of activation
Customer call / meetingAdding to customer success program