What's new in ID manager 4.03

What's new in ID manager 4.03

Main feature updates - since version 3

ID manager is a highly flexible, versatile workflow and application platform.

Being a platform, ID manager offers cross function, department, organization workflow and functionality as well as integration. The platform is able to configure every possible functionality and workflow and to support any user experience. This way our technology can fit any existing process and way of working perfectly.

Brand Book and Web-to-Print

  • New HTML editor, supports spell checker of Internet Explorer and Chrome
  • Pop-up feature to enlarge a preview from a Media Bank asset in HTML-pages
  • Change content from HTML-pages in the front-end (in context editing)

Media Bank

  • Increased range of files supported for previewing (PSD, EPS, INDD package with PDF, SVG, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Visio)
  • Alpha Channels, ICC Color Spaces, Native Color Spaces (RGB, CMYK, Grayscale, B&W or Lab)
  • Video bank
  • Intuitive filtering
  • New HTML5 file up-loader (drag and drop)
  • Simplified file uploader user experience
  • Manage asset meta data in context (from front-end)
  • Upload and approval workflows
  • Publishing on demand
  • Shorter lead times for creation of new templates
  • PDF proofing, automatic conversion and colour profiling
  • Digital output: e-magazines, email newsletters, micro-sites, digital business cards

Digital Publication

  • Customizable pre-set templates (headers, colours, content, and images)
  • Social Media Publications
  • Channels: YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Governance and compliance workflows

User Experience

  • Responsive design support
  • Frameless
  • Increased tablet and smartphone support
  • Faster tree navigation
  • Vanilla interface design as an alternative to full custom interface design
  • Dynamic header and footer areas


  • Standard reports included: number of (unique) visitors, most visited pages, most downloaded documents, searches, number of distributions, number of publications
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) integration

System Manager

  • New User Interface System Manager
  • IE 11 and Chrome compatible
  • Major performance upgrade
  • Increased file handling size (such as exports of data from workflows)


  • Next to ADFS support, Open Authentication also supported (OAuth)


  • Pre-emptive search, auto complete, full text search (site wide)
  • Ability to search certain areas only, configurable in System Manager

New and updated solutions

  • Brand Asset Management: Brand Book, Digital Style Guide, Media Bank, Inspiration Platform, Brand Drive
  • Web-to-Print, Email Newsletters, Social Media Publications, Micro Sites
  • Creative & Production Management: Translation Management, Design Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Facilities & Marketing Procurement
  • Event Management
  • Campaign & Project Management