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Capital ID passes ISO27001 audit with flying colours: double zero score

This year, the annual external ISO27001 audit was once again imminent. The quality mark with which we prove that we comply with the most recent requirements for information security. Our cheeks were flushed when we heard the positive verdict of the auditor. We passed the audit with flying colours.

Security Officer Marcel Braakman, responsible for the ISO process within Capital ID: ‘It's always a tense moment, one you work towards all year. As such, getting a so-called ‘double zero score’ (no notes or recommendations whatsoever) is an absolute crowning achievement. Not only for the ISO team, but also for the other colleagues. It is nice to see how the involvement and attention to information security can be found in all departments. This ensures that our customers have peace of mind when using our software and that their data is protected according to current regulations and security standards. 

During the audit, various processes and systems were scrutinised by the Kiwa auditor. During the two-day audit, colleagues from the IT, HR, Finance and Marketing departments, among others, were interviewed, the written policy was tested and the work processes were reviewed. With conviction, the certificate was extended by one year with the following highlights and more:

A lot of thought has gone into the design of systems and the consequences of certain choices;
Great awareness of confidentiality and awareness of protection of own information;
Enthusiasm about their own profession among surveyed employees;
Immediately thinking in terms of solutions: decisiveness.
This year we were again assisted by consultant Jeroen Reinders of Kader Advies. Afterwards, he congratulated us with the best possible result, the double zero.

Jeroen: ‘Of course you can always do even better, but every now and then you should reflect on what you have achieved and be proud of it!’ This is typical of our approach: we want to keep improving. But Jeroen is of course absolutely right: we may well take a moment to reflect on our achievements. We are super proud of it!