Why Rabobank communications run on one platform

Why Rabobank communications run on one platform

Cost savings of 20 times the investment

In partnership with Rabobank, Capital ID has completed successful delivery of the bank’s updated brand portal: CommunicationsShop 2.0. Mick Roovers, Marketing Resource Management Specialist for Rabobank, talks about the success of CommunicationsShop and the extensive changes.

‘In 2006, Rabobank went in search of a platform to reinforce our brand consistency. A digital asset management system that could support the creation and distribution of communication products straight away. At that time, we had a package for doing that, but it was outdated. We chose Capital ID’s ID manager platform because of the ‘templating’ options and the licensing structure they use. In addition, we needed a solution that would align seamlessly with our processes and Capital ID offers that.’

ID manager fully customisable 

Rabobank opted for a flexible solution to serve its complex organisational structure as effectively as possible. Rabobank accepted that the initial costs of such a solution configured specifically for the bank, would be higher. The way in which Rabobank wished to utilise the platform does not allow for a ‘Point Solution’. They wanted everything related to Marketing and Communications to be integrated into a single solution. From brand policy to house style, from social media code of conduct to security requirements. A Point Solution would require too many concessions to be made. The CommunicationsShop is designed in such a way that it simplifies the existing methodology.

Business case

‘Like other businesses in the financial sector, we look closely at the costs and benefits of what we do. As the CommunicationsShop team, we require a budget to manage and continually develop the platform and those investments need to be recouped. To that end, we have a solid business case. That business case outlines three elements to which we wish to contribute:

  • Cost (how much are we investing and what cost savings can we achieve)
  • Value (what does it offer us in terms of brand consistency and effectiveness)
  • Risk (what reputational or other risks can we mitigate by means of the platform) 

20:1 - Savings

We currently score very well on all three elements. We achieve an annual cost savings of 20 times the investment and make a significant contribution to brand consistency and effective and unambiguous working within the organisation, and we succeed in mitigating many (security) risks, particularly online, with clear solutions.

We facilitate people

'Our most important task remains to motivate our colleagues to use the CommunicationsShop as much as possible. Whether you are carrying out Communications tasks, are a controller, or work in IT: the platform must add value for everyone, because everyone needs a communications product at some point in their career. Whether it is an email signature, a business card, or an event registration website. Thus, it is important that it functions well, and is complete and user friendly.

With approximately 17,000 users, in excess of 50,000 media downloads and over 60,000 orders using ‘DIY’ templates, we are very successful. It also helps that we have something for everyone. There is a basic set of tools that everyone uses, such as PowerPoint templates, business cards and email signatures, for example. In addition, there is a whole range of tools that are more role-specific, for campaign managers, social media specialists and event managers, for example: event sites, email newsletters, social media publications, mobile magazines and so on. We facilitate people so they do not feel it necessary to deviate.’

User friendly

The last element of work completed was related primarily to the user friendliness of the platform and, not without merit, this has risen from a SUS (System Usability Score) score of 53 to 78 points (best 10% applications). ‘I am immensely proud of this result’ says Mick Roovers, ‘but I am just as pleased with the journey we have undertaken with Capital ID to reach this point. We utilized Agile Methodology on this project and that intensive collaboration is bearing fruit. We are now following up structurally with phased release schedules, so that we are able to serve our users more quickly. We provide them with what they need tomorrow, not what they wanted yesterday.’