We can imagine that you might have some questions as you delve into the world of Brand Portals. That's why we've already answered a few for you below.

Can't find the answer to your question? Let us know, and we'll be happy to assist you further.


What is a Brand Portal?

A Brand Portal is a central platform where organizations can define, manage, share, and apply their brand and corporate identity with employees and external parties, such as agencies.

It is the central platform that ensures everyone within and outside the organization can work with the brand correctly. It is also the place where:

  • Brand style guidelines are established and presented;
  • Photos, videos, logos, marketing and communication materials, and other digital assets are stored and shared;
  • Expressions can be created based on templates;
    Marketing and/or communication processes can be managed through workflows;
  • The features in a Brand Portal vary from portal to portal and are tailored to the needs of our customers. You can read more about this in the following question.

By the way, we also wrote a blog about what a Brand Portal actually is.


What features are included in a Brand Portal?

We offer our Brand Portals in a modular way, allowing you to choose only the features you need. You can create your Brand Portal using the following modules:

Additionally, you will often find useful features like large file sharing, a QR code generator, a URL shortener, tools to crop or resize images correctly, and more.


Is a Brand Portal only for the marketing or communication department?

We often see that marketing and communication colleagues excel in developing professional communications. After all, it's their profession. But nowadays, everyone in your organization is capable of communicating and reaching a large audience.

From your colleagues in HR to the facility worker, from sales to the university lecturer: everyone represents the organization in their own way. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen in the desired manner.

Marketing and communication professionals often transition from being style police to directors, ensuring that those enthusiastic colleagues are provided with a way to quickly and easily create their own communications through a Brand Portal.


Do I need to install software on my computer?

No, that's not necessary. All you need is a laptop with a stable internet connection. The Brand Portal is accessible via the internet and runs entirely in your web browser.

Can I customize the Brand Portal with my own branding?

We believe that your brand should take center stage, not ours. That's why we deliver our Brand Portals fully customized to match the branding of our clients. We incorporate your organization's logo, adjust the colors, font, and any visual elements accordingly.

As a result, every Brand Portal looks unique. We secretly love that too ;-)


How do you ensure that we maximize the use of the software even after implementation?

We understand that the journey continues after implementation. That's why we ensure you always have one dedicated point of contact for all your technical queries. This person is one of our Solutions Consultants, whom you already know from the implementation process.

Additionally, you have periodic evaluation meetings with your Customer Success Manager to not only discuss quick wins but also to evaluate and review the ROI achieved from your Brand Portal up to that point.

Your portal is also delivered with a set of knowledge base articles to assist you in its management, and after the kick-off, you'll receive a series of emails with tips and tricks to help you maximize the potential of your portal.

Finally, we bring you together once a year with other Brand Portal administrators during the Brand VIP Event to exchange inspiration and experiences. We've been organizing this event annually for our clients since 2017.


How is the security and privacy of my company and customer data ensured when using the Brand Portal?

Security and privacy are crucial aspects at Capital ID. For this reason, we have appointed both a Privacy Officer (Helga Wesselink) and a Security Officer (Marcel Braakman). They ensure that data is handled in the correct manner.

Additionally, our Brand Portals are designed to comply with security and privacy standards such as GDPR.

To ensure the security of company and customer data, we are ISO27001 certified.


How does support work?

If you encounter any issues while using your Brand Portal, you can report them to your dedicated point of contact, one of our Solutions Consultants. They will ensure that the necessary support is provided to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


What about updates?

We perform updates four times a year, ensuring that your Brand Portal is always up-to-date. In many cases, you'll receive new features and improvements every quarter that are included within your current subscription, without any additional costs.

Additionally, we occasionally roll out new modules that allow you to expand your Brand Portal. There may be additional costs associated with these.