Editorial Office | Capital IDMonday, June 13, 2016

Booking.com’s request for Capital ID was as clear as it was complex: create a user-friendly solution that allows our people all over the world to create marketing content in their own language and for their own market within the framework of our brand guidelines. The scalability of the ID Manager platform was the deciding factor. Read more about how Booking.com realises the production of marketing content on a global scale three times faster.

Together with Booking.com, Capital ID created a marketing and communication solution based around the ID Manager platform. The software is used all over the world and offers Booking.com a boost in the quality and efficiency of the translation process of its offline marketing content. Furthermore, it allows Booking.com’s local branches to create marketing communication content that meets the company’s quality standard. The solution also facilitates the reuse of materials created by other branches to get new inspiration.

An extensive process turned into a user-friendly solution

Nienke Speet, Communication Specialist at Booking.com and responsible for the project, is excited about the results:

“The goal of offering more than 2,500 users all over the world a single unified process and a system that is user-friendly and allows everyone to play their part even more efficiently, has been achieved.

The improvement mainly has to do with the localisation of the translation process. This allows the translator to work directly within the template and in the right context. Because the translator also sees the final result, their work becomes both more efficient and more fun.

We were looking for a partner who understands the importance of scalability for Booking.com. Our offices are now able to produce their own content while still meeting our quality standards.”

Much faster translation of marketing content

The translation has been turned into a flexible process with the help of ID Manager’s workflow engine. The workflow makes it possible to create a basic template for the translation and then allocate it to the translation teams. The translated templates are published in a clear download zone. User can download translated documents as PDF files. During that process, the standard text about the number of active destinations and such is kept up to date. Because the process is user-friendly, task-oriented and transparent to all participants, the project’s lead time is significantly reduced. Content managers can monitor the progress of the entire process via a single dashboard.

The “smart” templates support 42 languages, including Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese. They also account for the left and right alignment of the text, based on the same template.

Brand consistency

The platform contains the Brand Asset Management solution, which consists of e.g. the Corporate Style Manual, the Media Bank, the Inspiration Platform, Digital Publishing and Reports. The templates used in the translation process are also available for local use by end users.

The translators can now do their work “in context” and work together with colleagues. Using the flexible templates also saves time that would otherwise be spent on creating alternative designs using InDesign.

About Booking.com

Booking.com B.V., a subsidiary of the Priceline Group (Nasdaq: PCLN), owns and operates Booking.com™, the global market leader in online reservations of accommodations. Every day, more than 1,100,000 room nights are booked via Booking.com. The Booking.com website and apps are used by people all over the world, including both business travellers and tourists.

Since its founding in 1996, Booking.com B.V. guarantees the lowest rates for all types of accommodations, from small, family-run bed & breakfasts to luxurious five-star resorts. Independent accommodations are the specific focus of Villas.com, a subsidiary website recently launched by Booking.com. The Booking.com website has an international design; it is available in more than 40 languages and offers 1,013,000 active accommodations in 225 countries and areas.