Dennis KosterTuesday, February 2, 2021

Brand Portal, brand portal, communication portal, marketing portal; the beast is given many names. But what exactly is it and what functionality is included in a Brand Portal? You can read it in this blog.

A central place for employees and external parties

With a Brand Portal you ensure that everyone inside and outside the organization can work with the brand in the right way. In this way you structurally promote the consistency of the expressions that go out into the world on behalf of your organization.
Do you recognize that? The frustration you feel when you come across an expression of your organization 'in the wild' and whose house style is not right. Whether it concerns a bus shelter in a bus shelter, a post on social media or an internal PowerPoint presentation; your organization must be presented as well as possible. That is why every brand needs a platform where all brand expressions can be managed and shared. In such a platform you lay down guidelines for digital and offline use. This way everyone knows how your house style comes into its own. You show the most beautiful examples, which inspire people to work on a coherent brand. You call such a platform a Brand Portal or marketing communication portal.


Five core functionalities

Basically, a Brand Portal has at least the two functions below:

1. Informing about and capturing the brand;
2. Store, manage and share digital assets (brand building blocks);

When the functionality below is added to the Brand Portal, it is also sometimes referred to as a marketing communication portal.

3. Creation of resources with templates;
4. Managing marketing and/or communication processes;
5. Publishing content to different channels.

Before you start looking for a Brand Portal, it is important to clarify the objectives. Based on this, you can easily determine which functionality is relevant to the strategy that your organization is focusing on. In the blog 'Why would you want to use a Brand Portal?' you can read more about the different strategies and objectives.