Dennis KosterMonday, September 7, 2020

When creating PowerPoint and Word documents, you would of course prefer to use images of which the rights have been arranged and which contribute to the brand in the right way. With the rollout of our Office plugin, we make it even easier for you and your colleagues to get images directly from the DAM, without having to leave your Office program.


Fair is fair: when you're working on a document or presentation, it's an extra hurdle to navigate to the Media Bank in the Brand Portal, look for images and then download them. To make that easier, we have developed an Office plugin that makes this process a lot simpler and faster. This increases the use of approved images, which in turn contributes to the consistency of your brand.

Easily insert images from the Media Repository into PowerPoint and Word
Easily insert images from the Media Repository into PowerPoint and Word


Your Solution Consultant will be happy to help you create a link between Office and your Media Repository. Together you decide which images you want to make available for use in Word and PowerPoint. Once this is done, an ID Manager button appears in these programs.

Click on it and a sidebar will display the images with the filters as you are used to in the Media Repository. With a single press of a button, the image is inserted into your document or presentation in the correct format.

Easy, right?

Do you want to see the plugin in action? Just say the word and we'll be happy to schedule a demo with you.