Dennis KosterTuesday, January 28, 2020

With our Event Management Solution, together with partner Evite, we make sure that events are not only fully taken care of, but also display uniformity and nothing is left to chance. That also applies to events. ‘Event managers are handed a complete set of tools to get control of the organisation of their events: from begin to end.’

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Your keynote speaker is waiting in the side wings, the kitchen is running on schedule, but the guests really must take their seats if everything is to be served warm. Meanwhile, the VIPS have not all been registered, and you are informed there is a gridlock on the closest exit to the highway. And how about those no shows?


No sector has deadlines such as the event sector. With the Event Management Solution of Capital ID, you completely remove all the stress accompanying an event of some size. This all in one solution sends personalised save the dates, invitations, reminders, follow-ups and ultimately also assessments. Per event, you can easily make an informative website where all information can be found, and participants can go to for their rsvp. You can store photos, make badges: you name it. Everything is the house style of your company and/or specific event. All in cooperation with the expertise in the field of invitation management of strategic partner and invitation management company Evite.

PARTNERS also makes use of the Event Management Solution of Capital ID and the services of Evite. In September 2019, this cooperation started in the form of Impact Day 2019, an internal event for employees and the event The Store of the Future, for partners and suppliers. Marleen van Es-Nijhuis, Event Manager at, had the ultimate responsibility for both events. She is looking back to the cooperation with satisfaction. “Capital ID came in the picture when we needed both an event portal and a brand portal.” During the events, both Capital ID and Evite made clear where they stand: taking all care away. Marleen: “I think it is good that if not all guests have arrived at 8.50, Evite immediately anticipates and, for example, sends a message with ‘Coffee is ready, we are waiting for you’. Moreover, you know there is no line at registration, everything is running smoothly”. This process of taking all care away goes hand in hand with the Event Management Solution, which registers attendees and no shows by means of an app. Tim van der Weerd, Solution Consult of Capital ID, is responsible together with his team. “Event managers are handed easy to use tools to get control over the organisation of their events: from start to end.”

Marleen van Es - Nijhuis - Event Manager -
Marleen van Es - Nijhuis - Event Manager -



Event Management Solution also continues after the event. Marleen: “For us, it is important to get insight into who were there and who were not, and why, so we can adjust for this in the future. With this technique, we can investigate it deeper and deeper”. Because Capital ID adjusts all software to client need, regular assessment is also important to them. For, that tailor made aspect is important. “Each event, we notice there are more wishes and needs”, according to Marleen. “This varies from bilingualism to the option to send your visitors an assessment in the form of a questionnaire.” Partner Evite understands like no other why this part of an invitation process makes the difference. Arthur Linssen, managing director Evite: “Many software builders think from the tool. But the client has a need and Capital ID is capable to anticipate that, which makes them unique”. Marleen adds: “For us, IT-security is very important. As a large online player, we are very critical in that area, and is also one of the reasons we have chosen Capital ID”.


The glue of your event is without a doubt branding. It provides a unified image, a conceptual translation and functions as the calling card of your company, according to Marleen. “Branding is of fundamental importance during an event. For me, it is crucial that all events we organise display uniformity. But it is not only about branding, it is also about theme during the event: good branding reinforces this.” In November 2019, Capital ID launched the Brand Portal for, which contains the logos, the footage, the style guide, the font and the colours of the online player. Every employee can create a uniform email signature or look up the guidelines for photography. In the future, it will even be possible to compile a complete campaign with it. Tim: “For us, it is essential that the website, the mails, everything is on brand. That is our business: everything must be right to the last detail”. Impact Day 2019 Impact Day 2019


The cooperation between Capital ID and Evite has led to a special product for, and Arthur confirms this. “Together, we have created a unique product. There are multiple tool suppliers with a low initial charge: they will give you a log in and a password, but you have to set up the invitation management yourself. Even if you have done this a couple of times, doing it really well requires expertise. If you use the Event Management Solution for a small event, you can do so in a relatively short time and everything is 100% But if you want more, Capital ID and Evite are only a call away.” Marleen: “One of our core values is: every day better. This must show in the events we organise. By assessing, improving is a continuous process. Evite and Capital idea take all care away and provide support on the job. I can recommend that professionalism to everyone. People underestimate what a good invitation process entails, and what you can achieve with it”.