Niels BeerninkFriday, May 25, 2018

Since May 2018 the privacy law GDPR has come into force. This law also impacts our Brand Portals, because these also process personal data. Of course, we ensured that the Brand Portals are completely compliant and support you in creating good marketing and means of communication. As such, you can be certain that whatever you create also complies with all requirements imposed by law and brand. Below we provide a summary of how we comply with the law. We ensure that data is stored in this system for no longer than necessary, meaning:

  • Email Newsletter Module: mailing lists will be removed from the system after six months.

  • Email Newsletter Module: we have set up a no-threshold system to unsubscribe, meaning that recipients can unsubscribe to future mailings immediately without entering any more data.

  • Event Management Module: data of participants of events will be removed six months after the event took place. This way, you have plenty of time to do an evaluation with the guests after the event and measure the success of the event. So make sure you have analysed the data in a timely manner. Important: don't save personal data on your local drive. This is legally not allowed.

  • Platform in general: data of employees will be anonymised the moment they leave employment. The means created by the employee, however, will remain visible and useable.

  • We entered a processing agreement with our clients

In short, by using our Brand Portal you can be certain that your way of working and means comply with all regulations and legislation.

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