Editorial Office | Capital IDThursday, March 29, 2018

If your organisation publishes a lot of content on social media and wants to do so in a consistent and recognisable manner, adding ID Manager’s Social Media Publications module to the marketing and communication platform is recommended.

This module lets you create e.g. a Facebook message, including images, based on an image template. Images are made with e.g. a logo, text and Social Media icons. Publication is easy as well, by using scheduling and selecting a specific target audience to display the content to (targeting).

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube

The Social Media Management module is a solution for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Credentials are managed centrally so that every authorized employee can create and publish messages without sharing the credentials with all these employees. Users get access to the social media channel via the portal.

For each channel, a suitable template is used and the message’s creator will see a preview before posting, so they can check the image and the text.

By combining the composition of messages with ID Manager’s preset options, parts of messages can be drawn up in advance and locked. This ensures the correct company, brand and market information and layout characteristics are used.

The publication dashboard provides insight into the total number of scheduled and published, but also impressions, lkes and shares of messages. It also lets you cancel messages or automatically have them deleted after a certain date or period of time.

Social media form an important aspect of developing and maintaining a brand in today’s online world; consistency is a deciding factor for a brand’s success:

  • A brand that presents itself in a consistent manner is more easily recognised and remembered
  • Professional image – Meet expectations
  • Prevent confusion – Clear and instantly recognisable, familiar
  • Stand out – Present your brand better
  • Reinforce the brand personality – Prevent “static”