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Doing business successfully abroad, on a large scale in export or being active on local markets worldwide. Making a good impression naturally works best when publications are available in the language of the country and client and the visual material resonates with the culture of the country. Our Design & Translation Management solution makes your life easier.

Translate quickly

Translating content often takes a lot of time and energy. And additionally, looking for the right local images isn't a walk in the park either. To make life easier for local marketeers, they can easily have materials translated in our solution. They will always have insight into the status of the process while doing so.

How does the translation process work?

First, a 'default' version of the material will be created. Often in English. Once this content is ready, you can start the translation process. You select the languages in which the display must be available. The translator or translation agency will receive a mail with this assignment (with deadline) and can carry out the assignment using the task panel. Carrying out the task happens on our platform. You change the copy directly in the template. The advantage is that you immediately see whether the translation fits the format and you won't waste any time sending the translation back and forth to make it suitable. Additionally, it's also possible it immediately select images that match the local demand.

Review and content curation

When the translator is done, there will be a last optional check. In this screen, the original file and the translation are shown side by side. This way, the reviewer can easily compare them. When approved, these new means are added to Digital Asset Management (DAM). These Assets are accessible to everyone with an account, with the ability to only see the publications in their own language.

Easily create displays using our dynamic templates

Within the translation solution, you use our Dynamic Templates from the Publishing-on-Demand solution. To create materials, you don't need to be an experienced designer or desktop publisher, because you have access to a template which easily allows you to create new variations. Of course, all completely on-brand.

A dashboard that continuously informs you about the progress made

You can follow the entire creation and translation process on the dashboard. Every assignment as a unique order-ID. If you see a translation hasn't yet been picked up? You can send a(nother) reminder or select a different translator. You can view the status of a certain assignment at any given moment. This way, you maintain your grip on the process.

The advantages:

  • Decrease Time-to-market

  • Always insight into progress

  • Cost-efficient

  • Clearly defined who does what

Explore the advantages of our Design & Translation Management solution and become a pro at localising content just like our client Booking.com!

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