Editorial Office | Capital IDThursday, March 15, 2018

Does your ad contain a long, unreadable URL that covers half of your ad? This can easily be solved with the URL manager and shortener.

You pick a (short) domain name and let the tool generate a shortened URL or decide the path yourself. You then select a date on which you want the URL to be active or inactive. After the inactivity date, the URL becomes available again for use by others. Aside from the fact that this URL is a lot shorter, it's also easier to read and useful for SEO goals. Additionally, you have a report at your disposal that shows the number of the clicks, the number of clicks a day and the number of clicks a time. Interesting information to, for example, determine whether an ad was successful.

Managing URLs

You will no doubt have experienced that this one nice URL that would suit your campaign is used by someone else. But by whom and how long does your colleague need the URL? This is another one of the great advantages of the URL manager. You can easily track who claimed which URL for which period.

Human and SEO friendly

The Capital ID URL manager is a great addition to the ID Manager platform that enables you as a user to convert long unreadable URLs into human and SEO friendly links, while keeping a close eye on which URLs are in use for what period of time. 

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