Editorial Office | Capital IDThursday, March 15, 2018

The use of Artificial Intelligence driven auto image tagging makes enriching content a lot easier and benefits the 'search process'. Marcel Braakman, Principal Consultant at Capital ID: “We saw that users often skip the ‘add keywords step’, because thinking of tags takes time. However, adding the right and proper amount of keywords increases the value of the content. What's more, it improves the search function of the Media Bank. By using auto image tagging, we unburden the user. The system thinks for you and makes suggestions. An additional advantage is that the system looks at the image from a much broader perspective. The user often adds keywords from, for example, the framework of the campaign. While the system sees more and thus suggests more".

Recognition software

The best way to compare this function within the Media Bank is with so-called face recognition software, which is used by Facebook among others. This makes it possible to identify a person based on specific traits. Capital ID uses this recognition software by an A.I. in a broader way, allowing the platform to tell you all kinds of things about what can be seen in a picture.

How it works

Automatically generating keywords changes nothing about the upload process of the images. At the 'add keywords' step, the report 'retrieve suggestions' will appear. After agreeing, the system scans the image and makes suggestions. From these, you simply remove the keywords that you think are unnecessary. You also have the ability to manually add company-specific keywords to the image.

Auto image tagging
Auto image tagging

Add keywords afterwards

Aside from the upload process, the same function can also be used to provide already filled image banks with keywords. The process will automatically go through the image bank and add keywords. This function is also available for clients with a well-filled Media Bank that deserves some extra quality.

Does adding keywords to organise your images take up too much time in your organisation? Drastically reduce the amount of time spent on tagging, while increasing the quality of your DAM. Contact us to further discuss the benefits of A.I. auto image tagging.