Editorial Office | Capital IDThursday, January 11, 2018

Business cards: they come in all shapes and sizes nowadays. Whatever the final appearance of the calling card, once digitised in Capital ID’s Web-to-Print solution, you can create one yourself in no time at all, complying with the house style guidelines and delivery specifications of the printer.

Automatically enter details

As a user, you have a profile. This profile can be filled in manually, but this data can also be retrieved by Single Sign-On (SSO) or from an external system like a personnel information system.

Create and order

Do you want to create and order a calling card? The system automatically retrieves the data from your profile and fill in these fields for the template (completely formatted according to the house style guidelines). This saves a lot of work and minimises the chance of inaccuracies. A preview is shown and you can receive a pdf example in your email.

With a single click of the 'order' button, you receive the created calling card in your mailbox or a download will be waiting. Unless you chose to add an extra approval step (for instance by a supervisor) during creation. In which case, you need an approval before you can actually order it.

Order again

Do you regularly need new cards? Then save your created card(s). You don't have to redo everything, but can simply reuse your cards. Ideal for the office managers that order new cards for the MT every six months.

Creation for dummies

You don't need to be a designer to create beautiful displays. Using Capital ID’s Web-to-Print, you can not only easily and quickly make calling cards, but also posters, flyers, product sheets, brochures and calling cards based on templates.

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