Editorial Office | Capital IDWednesday, December 13, 2017

Create a hundred different displays with one template? It's possible! Using the Template Builder by Capital ID’s Publishing on Demand solution, templates can be set up very dynamically, making it possible to have many variations available with just one basic template. This flexibility can set up and combined on different levels.

A template consists of a description of all elements, such as the positions and measurements of images, logo and test setups. You can also record formatting rules to ensure that the format will be maintained according to house style guidelines when content changes.

One template: countless variations

Layouts offer the ability to define multiple variations of one basic template after the fact, in, for example, different formats. This way, a template manager can use a basic template in which the available elements and mutual interdependencies have been recorded as a base for creating layouts of both ads and posters.

Semi-finished products

Using so-called semi-finished products, authorised users can easily create pre-filled displays. While doing so, it can be determined per element (text, image, brand elements, etc.) whether it's to be used in the specific variation. If desired, the content can be pre-filled and set or the pre-filled content can still be adjusted by an end user. Just imagine how drastically this is speeding up the creation process of the end-user.

Scalable templates

With scalable templates, elements are often not placed in set positions, but based on a column grid. This way, it's pre-set per element how scaling needs to be applied. This enables a limited number of templates to sport many different formats.

A practical example would be that one of our clients used our platform to place ads in 570 different sizes. This many different formats were necessary because every publication (newspapers, magazines, etc.) all use different dimensioning. The base for these 570 different formats is only a single template. When using non-scalable templates, this would mean that 570 different templates would've been needed or the generated ads would have to be enlarged or downsized in its entirety from a certain set format, which would drastically affect quality.

Do you want to find out how you can cut costs en reduce the amount of time spent from creation to publication by implementing our Template Builder? Please contact us.