Editorial Office | Capital IDFriday, December 8, 2017

The time that you would hire a designer to create all your posters, ads, brochures, stationary and calling cards has passed. The Printing on Demand solution by Capital ID is the answer. Creating and ordering print was never this simple and quick. You can simply do it on your PC or tablet, at the office or at home on the couch. The format is standard. The extra time this creates can be spent on valuable and relevant content.

Publishing on Demand by Capital ID now has solutions for creating, among others, ads, brochures, flyers, quotations, factsheets, Office documents (among others Word, PowerPoint), stationary and calling cards. And whatever you're shaping: it can only be done within pre-set templates, with set guidelines. This prevents a breach of style and wrong use of house style elements, but also saves you a lot in layout costs. Working within the Web-to-Print solution by Capital ID stimulates collaboration between departments and reuse of content, is user-friendly and has a seamless integration with, among others, the Directory, the Media Bank, other solutions by Capital ID and internal systems and software.

ensure regulation and legislation compliancy

Easily and swiftly create on-brand displays of based on pre-set templates. All displays meet the house style guidelines this way as well as the delivery specifications of the printer. But we go beyond that. A number of our clients in financial services use our Web-to-Print solution to, for example, ensure that all displays are compliant and meet the regulations and legislation of, for example, the AFM. This way, you create a few certainties, in content and format, and guarantee a coherent look and feel.

We say 'You don't need to be a designer to make beautiful displays'. Our Web-to-Print solution proves this. Convince yourself and contact us for a demo.