Editorial Office | Capital IDFriday, December 8, 2017

Every single one of Capital ID’s solutions are efficient and effective, this also goes for our Brand Portal solution. Despite the many possibilities, we advise starting small. The solutions by Capital ID are incredibly suited for phased expansion. In practice, this approach proves more successful.

First things, first

Most of our clients start out with a Brand Book; the central storage for all building blocks for brand and strategy. This ensures that all employees and external parties properly apply the house style. It's usually supplemented with a Digital Asset Management system better know as a Media Bank for saving, managing and distributing all their logos, images, infographics, audio files and videos.

Once the solid base of the Brand Portal is up and running, there's the ability to expand it with modules that make collaborating on a strong and coherent brand even easier, more efficient and more fun.

Digital Style Guide 

The world is becoming more digital. Shaping and creating digital channels has other specifications than offline work. The Digital Style Guide is used to help developers and designers in shaping existing and new applications, so all elements are used in an unambiguous and on-brand manner. Interface elements and interactions are recorded within the Digital Style Guide. The elements show the behaviour in real-time. Additionally, the code (HTML – CSS – JavaScript) is offered. The Digital Style Guide helps developers and designers to think in systems, improves collaboration and speeds up the design process.

Inspiration Platform

A huge amount of brand(ed) content is made daily by employees and agencies. Internally and externally. The Inspiration Platform is the place where all of these brand displays join. Successes are there to be shared. Literally and figuratively. The most successful campaigns and displays will be placed on the Inspiration Platform. For inspiration, but also for reuse. This way, you can use content more than once, prevent double work and increase your mutual brand involvement.

File Transfer

Sharing is the keyword in our current society. The same goes for business. Many marketing and communication departments are frustrated by the sharing of files on the H:drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, WeTransfer and/or SharePoint. Understandable. The good news: it can be done smarter! Easily expand your Brand Portal with a File Transfer. File Transfer offers the ability to easily, swiftly and securely share large amounts of brand files with colleagues and/or external parties.

Together, the Brand Book, the Media Bank and the several extra modules for the most complete Brand Portal solution available at the moment. Are you curious about the advantages of an integrated and automated marketing approach for your organisation? Then contact us! Click here