Editorial Office | Capital IDFriday, December 8, 2017

When striving for a strong, unambiguous, consistent and coherent brand, there is one thing you cannot ignore. At one point you will have to distribute your brand elements. To colleagues, but also to third parties such as design agencies, printers, web designers and others. How wonderful and time-saving would it be, if you could simple refer those parties to one central hub, in order to download logos, video, images, infographics and audio files, instead of having to dig them up yourself? Safely, 24/7 available and GDPR compliant. This central hub is what we call DAM; Digital Asset Management system (also called a Media Bank).

Quitclaims and GDPR compliance offer you Peace of mind

Your concerns are our concerns. We continually work on developments, that make it easier for you to comply with regulations and legislation. Our solutions are fully GDPR compliant. We provide you with tools for linking quitclaims to images, videos and other materials. Forms to create an account for the DAM system can be edited, making sure only request data that is justified for the purpose. This is how we together construct a world in which personal data is securely stored and handled with the greatest care.


Looking for the right image, logo or video is a thing of the past. Capital ID’s Digital Asset Management – part of our Brand Portal Solution - uses extensive filter and search options. You predetermine which traits must be entered when uploading a file, which makes finding the right photo child's play. Among others, you can create groups, define certain styles and the type of media. The more traits you enter, the more targeted the searching and it yields better search results. What's more, the extensive rights and roles system enables you to make media accessible for several target groups.

You can easily upload files 1 by 1, or by using the bulk upload, CVS import or drag & drop function. Before they're actually added to the DAM system, you first need to enter all meta data (traits) that apply to the selected media. You have the ability to provide a sequence with the same meta data at the same time and our artificial intelligence driven auto image tagging option, makes tagging images a breeze. The last step is entering specific information per file. This can be a publication and expiration date of copyright or the name of the author or whether the file is free. After all the required fields have been filled out, you can publish your file and the file will be available in the Media Bank (starting at the publication date).


To improve and optimise search terms, there's the auto image tagging function. This function provides extra suggestions. Using an overlay, a series of suggestions are shown. You can remove the things that don't apply. When the number of search terms is minimal, auto image tagging is ideal to improve the findability of the file.


Your search results will be grouped on media type (images, video, audio). Once the right file has been found, you can add it to your shopping basket. You can then directly download the file or mail it to the email address you provided. You can chose from low, average or high resolution or the source file (original). A zip file will be created or you will receive a link by email which you can use to download the file through the DAM.

Do you want to find out how you can unlock the full potential of a Digital Asset Management system? Don't hesitate to contact us.