Editorial Office | Capital IDFriday, December 8, 2017

Share information and brand guidelines while working on a strong, consistent brand. Strong brands are coherent brands. Unambiguous and recognisable in look and feel. The more people working for and on your brand, the bigger the chance that the elements of the visual identity are applied the wrong way. To ensure that employees and external parties properly apply the house style, there's the Brand Book by Capital ID.

The Brand Book is the base of Capital ID’s Brand Portal solution. A central storage for all the building blocks of brands and strategy. The Brand Book is the way to share information and brand guidelines with each other to build a coherent, strong brand. And because the Brand Book is the digital counterpart of the traditional house style manual, making changes is really easy. This way, you always have the most current version of the house style guidelines within reach. Wherever or whenever you need them.

The Brand Book by Capital ID is delivered according to the brand guidelines, is easy to use and has an intuitive navigation. It's also possible to make content visible for several users, both internal and external, within the Brand Book. Administrators can easily and quickly add new content or replace existing content.

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