Editorial Office | Capital IDFriday, December 8, 2017

An event is a valuable touchpoint to establish your brand, but managing registrations and follow-up, while also making sure all of the communications are on-brand, can be a hassle. A successful event has - aside from good content - a tight organisation and effective, coherent communication. Capital ID’s Event Management solution simplifies the organisation of business events. Big and small. Think of setting up an event site, sending (personalised) invitations, online registration, planning sessions and speakers and registration on the day itself.

Real-time overview of registration

The invitations have been sent? Now what? In the Event Management solution, you record who has signed up and who hasn't. You send automatic confirmations to those who have signed up or reminders to people who haven't yet signed up. From the platform, you send overviews to your colleagues to let them know whether their relations have already signed up. In the dashboard, you can see in real-time what the status of the registration is, you'll know how your event is doing and what your next step is.

Some examples of the abilities of our registration procedure

Using the general settings, you indicate a starting and end date for registration. You also have the ability to set a maximum number of participants. Offer invitees the ability to sign up using social media. A registration can, for example in case of an internal event, also first be preapproved before the participant receives a definitive confirmation. Those who has signed up also have the ability to change their data or preference for sessions after registration. Whichever possibility you choose as an organiser, you're makings things a lot easier on yourself.

Several advantages of our Event Management solution summarised: 

  • Clear, use-friendly registration dashboard 

  • Easy preparation of the registration form

  • Ability to log in using social media 

  • Ability to add approval step in registration process 

  • Easily import the data of invitees (.csv-import) and send personalised invitations and reminders using email 

  • Organise breakout sessions with maximum numbers per session and assign speakers

  • Send e-tickets and make registration for the day of the event even easier.

Organising events was never this simple. Using the Event Management solution takes less effort and increases the chance of a successful event and good follow-up. We'd love to tell you more.