Editorial Office | Capital IDFriday, August 12, 2016

Based around the same platform, KPN’s various brands each make use of ID Manager in their own way. All brands have their own access, the portal features the specific web design of the brand in question and access has been set up for each brand. KPN uses the ID Manager platform for Brand Platforms and Event Management, but also for an internal Marketing Webshop for e.g. promotional gifts and event-related brand content.

KPN is both the name of the mother company and the main brand. It positions itself as brand leader by making quality available to anyone in the Netherlands. Its goal is to make technology as easy to use as possible.

Telfort is an all-round telecom provider that targets consumers and professional users. The brand offers excellent quality at affordable rates.

XS4ALL targets professional and demanding consumers for whom an internet connection is essential. XS4ALL offers high-quality products and services to this group of users. It provides the best possible technology to allow clients to excel and stay ahead of the pack.

Brand Portal

For each brand, the Brand Portal contains a corporate style guide, a media bank (images, logos, video) and tools to create various types of content, from business cards and digicards to marketing communication content. All brand environments were created in keeping with the respective brand’s own corporate style guidelines.


The KPN Brand Portal contributes to a strong brand style:

  • Structures and streamlines all content
  • Creates maximum recognisability
  • Reduces costs
  • Creates a consistent image for clients

Event Portal

KPN’s Event Portal is there for anyone directly or indirectly involved in the development of events in the broadest sense of the word. It contains everything related to events: from the event calendar and the option to rent and/or buy materials to consultancy and realisation. Visitors use the briefings and the expertise of the event managers and in doing so help with the realisation and with achieving optimal results: an event, tradeshow or film.


In this KPN Shop, visitors can buy the official KPN-KNSB ice-skating gear, ice-skating goodies and promotional gifts, as well as cakes, flowers, wine and gift cards. The shop offers various payment options, including iDEAL.

KPN: market leader

KPN is a leading provider of IT services. With a wide range of products and services, KPN and its various subsidiary brands service a wide range of clients, both domestically and abroad. The company offers everything from pre-paid calling in the USA to interactive HD television in the Netherlands.