Editorial Office | Capital IDMonday, August 8, 2016

Just like NS offers people an excellent travel experience, NS Merkweb offers an excellent user experience for communication professionals, marketers, employees, external partners and creative agencies.

Years ago, NS Merkweb, powered by ID Manager, replaced an existing Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. NS is an experienced user of Brand Asset Management, MRM and digital marketing technologies, whose growing and changing needs formed the reason to look for a solution that could meet these needs. Furthermore, the roadmap also included functionalities that would later become part of NS Merkweb.

NS Merkweb is now the central platform from which all brand content, logos, images, media files, templates and tools for online creation are available. The number of internal and external users continues to grow on a daily basis.

Brand consistency for brand and marketing publications

NS uses the platform to manage its brand and those of its formulas, to create marketing communication content and to safeguard consistent applications of the brand. ID Manager makes it possible to work faster and more efficiently within the world of marketing communication.

ID Manager offers solutions that support the full marketing lifecycle. NS manages, unlocks and uses all available brand and marketing content within the NS Merkweb. Online creation tools offer various options to create one’s own publications.

About NS

People want to travel from A to B without worry. Fast, safe, simple, anywhere and anytime. It is NS’s mission to ensure travellers feel connected to NS. Together with its partners, NS gives travellers control over their public transport journey from door to door and, in doing so, contributes to affordable and sustainable mobility in the Netherlands.