Always striving for optimal results

Working hard together, giving it your all, counting on each other, always striving for optimal results. That is how we love to do things. In order to do that, we expect our people to handle their own affairs, voice their opinions, be capable of dealing with a lot of freedom and believe in what they do. If this description fits you, you might be a true “Capitalos.”

What characterizes a capitalos

A Capitalos is unconventional, loyal, sharp-minded, passionate about something (sports, music, animals, cooking, stamps, guinea pigs – anything at all) and will forever be a child at heart. Put a few of them in a room together and you get a hotbed of ingenious ideas, clever solutions, wonderful code, a lot of music, good (and sometimes bad) jokes and – let’s be honest – a lot of horsing around.

What we bring to the table

Of course, we have a lot to offer here: an innovative product, a wonderful client portfolio, employment conditions that are actually useful and enough time and opportunity to develop yourself and relax. In the end, though, what matters most is making a difference. Capitalos make a difference in their field and on the work floor, both as experts and as colleagues.

Are you interested yet? 

Great! We are regularly looking for excellent and unique people. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for more details about the latest vacancies. If we do not have any vacancies at the moment, but you still want us to meet you, that is fine. We would love to. Feel free to send us an open application.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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