Collaborate effectively with colleagues, agencies, and creative einzelgängers by using ID Publication Management. Provide workflows for briefings and the production and publishing processes of graphic designs, photography, video and audio, among others. This benefits you and everyone you work with. You decide who has what roles, rights or responsibilities in which step. This way, you further develop brand expressions in a structured way - with colleagues and third parties - without losing overview and control.

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Control of the process

ID Publication Management was developed and optimised with the knowledge and insights of our clients and consultants. The solutions are "out of the box", ready to use and fully customisable. In addition, ID Publication Management is fully integrated with the other solutions in our ID Brand Portal. That makes your job a lot easier!

ID Video & ID Photo Workflow

The ID Video Workflow and ID Photo Workflow help you simplify the process of production, rework, approval and publication to the ID Media Bank after your briefing. The workflows are integrated into the platform to make it as clear as possible for you. 

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ID Design Workflow

The ID Design Workflow enables you to efficiently and unambiguously manage all of your organisation's design requests.  By centralising briefings and designs and combining them with internal and external roles, customer-specific guidelines and workflow, the quality, consistency and turnaround time of the design process improves.  


There are three roles within the workflow; the Applicant, the Project Manager and the Designer. These roles go through six steps in the process: briefing > acceptance briefing > production > review/rework > approval > publishing to 


The benefits of ID Design Workflow

  • Structured briefing of the creative process

  • Proven quality improvement on output

  • Insightful and manageable process

  • Shorter lead time

  • Design process within one integrated environment

  • Consistency and reuse of briefings

  • Integrated with the ID Media Bank (DAM)

Wondering what the ID Design Workflow looks like? 

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