With a passionate team of customer success managers, consultants, business analysts, software developers and support staff, we support over 150,000 users.

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That's why Capital ID

Personalized contact

As with many other organizations, our customers are central to us, which is not uncommon in business of course. What sets us apart from the rest is the way we approach our customer relationship. This is expressed, among other things, in the personal contact we maintain and our own solution consultant per customer who helps set up the portal and the phases that follow. So you don't have to go through a help desk, but you can just call your own solution consultant with all your questions. If you prefer to do your own research first, you can contact our help center, which is full of useful information and tips.

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Measuring = Knowing

To find out whether our Brand Portal still meets the needs of our customers and whether everything works as we designed it, we regularly conduct user surveys. After all, users look at our solution with fresh eyes.


We are also working hard behind the scenes to meet our users' needs. Because we have built our solution from the ground up to what it is today, our developers have mastered the technology. They know our software through and through, which means that we can properly absorb and apply the wishes and ideas of our customers. In addition, we work with short lines within the organization so that we can take action quickly when necessary.

That's why Capital ID

Thanks to our customer-oriented approach and efficient working method, we have developed an authentic way of working that is characteristic of Capital ID. Together we ensure that everyone within an organization can communicate independently and coherently.

Capital ID stands for an authentic and committed approach with a touch of humor!

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Our Vision

We want to provide everyone in your organisation with the tools to create recognisable, people-pleasing and purposeful on-brand communications. This way, you can be confident that everyone in your organisation is promoting your brand professionally and effectively in all communications with diverse audiences. 

Our Mission

With our ID Brand Portal  software, 

everyone in your organisation becomes the sender of powerful, authentic and on-brand messages. Capital ID offers everyone in your organisation the tools to create professional, authentic and recognisable communication tools. Both from the office and from home.

The time when the brand belonged solely to the communications or marketing department is long gone. Everyone in your organisation communicates. All those expressions combined determine how your brand is perceived. It is imperative that you ensure that everyone in your organisation can create expressions that are authentic and on brand. As far as we are concerned, that is a true role for the communication and/or marketing department. The marketing, communications and/or brand specialist directs, facilitates and inspires. Our ID Manager software gives you all the tools you need to apply those roles optimally. We call that working together on strong brands. 


Together we excel. We believe in strong collaborations with partners, to deliver the very best results for you. A number of partners specialise in technology architecture consulting to help you get the best ecosystem possible, while others focus on the area of content management or configuration of ID Manager. 

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Rebranding is complex and presents many challenges. The experienced brand specialists, project managers and engineers of VIM help you with a seamless implementation of your rebranding.

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