WE provide support so you CAN DO IT YOURSELF

From providing training to configuring and arranging set-up, we are more than just a software developer. We believe that collaboration leads to the best results.

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To ensure the successful implementation of your ID Brand Portal, we provide training for Brand Portal administrators, users and the product owner(s). After the training, you will master such management tasks as filling content, adding images, user management, etc. 

We also offer ID Mediabank workshops. During this workshop, we will define the metadata structure together with you. Using this data, we set up a targeted search, filter and tag structure that suits your organisation, so it becomes super easy to find the uploaded files in the ID Mediabank. 

Set-up and configuration

All portals we provide are ready to use immediately. The roles & permissions are set, the search engine and filters are set up to your liking and the whole platform is on brand. You don't have to do anything else for this. You can get started right away!


We don't provide a one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, on top of the standard solution, you can set specific requirements. In fact, each client truly gets its own environment that matches the organisation and its brand.

Template design service 

The ID Template Builder is the ultimate alternative to InDesign. With this solution you can create templates all by yourself. Even so, we understand that there is not always time and space for this within an organisation. That's why we are happy to unburden you with our template design service. You will then receive custom-made & ready-to-use templates that meet all your needs. That way, you don't have to build them yourself – we do it for you. Convenient! 


We are more than just software. We believe that collaboration leads to the best results. We now have more than 20 years of experience in helping to streamline brand processes. Our solutions now relieve more than 150,000 people in various organizations.

That is why we know all too well that it can be very valuable to determine the next steps together after implementation. Together with your own permanent consultant, a roadmap is made that matches the ambitions of your organization. You determine the pace of that further development. We are happy to help you achieve results.

Content & activation

Through our front-end functionality, you can fill the ID Brand Portal 

with content yourself. But within a busy or complex organisation, there isn’t always time or space for this. That's why we are happy to take this task off your hands. You can also call on us for an audit of the content & taxonomy of the brand & corporate identity guide, the design of the homepage and the delivery of a filled Mediabank that meets your requirements.   


The more colleagues who find their way to the Brand Portal, the better. That's why we work with a number of partners who specialise in Brand Portal activation. They ensure that your organisation will soon be working successfully with the Brand Portal.

Integrations and our API link

ID Manager integrates with Google, various social media channels, CRM, e-commerce applications and systems within the application landscape of virtually any organisation through APIs. APIs are rules that govern how an application can and may communicate with another application. The ID Manager API enables applications to exchange data and perform each other’s tasks.