Adding branding to videos in an instant

Create branded videos in just a few clicks. Quickly add an intro, outro, the logo and music and your video is ready to conquer the world. 

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Fully in the cloud, no powerful PC required

ID Branded Video runs entirely in the cloud, so you don't need a powerful computer to create professional branded videos. Do you have an internet connection? Then you can get started today. 

Reuse precious video material

Do more with video

Your organisation probably has gigabytes of video content. Often it is used only once. And that's a shame! Reuse video content; repurpose and republish it. 

Integrated with Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Use files from the ID Mediabank

Combine brand guidelines and brand elements with video material from the ID Mediabank. Is your video too long? Adjustments are made quickly and easily by trimming.

Create impact with astute video content

The demand for strong branded videos is rising. Time to get smarter about it with ID Branded Video. Push your brand forward and create impact with astute video content for every channel.

The right balance between freedom and control

You decide what logos, intros, outros, music and titles your colleagues can use. No matter who is working with ID Video Branding, you are in control.