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Email marketing

Ensure the right online brand experience and send the most beautiful and targeted e-mails for newsletters, campaigns or internal communications with ID Newsletter. Secure and GDPR compliant. 

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No worries about the design

ID Newsletter offers you the opportunity to focus entirely on the content of your online messages. Write your text, choose photos or videos, all within the corporate identity that is always enforced. ID Newsletter proves: form + content = impact. 

The most beautiful mailings in a jiffy

With ID Newsletter you create beautiful, professional mailings based on ready-to-use elements. Thanks to the visual editor and preview, you know exactly how your mailing will end up in the inbox of your target audience.

A powerful duo

ID Mediabank & ID Newsletter

ID Media Bank and ID Newsletter are a special pair. These ID solutions are linked in a smart way. Add images and branded media directly from the ID Mediabank to your mailings, ensuring optimal use and deployment of existing and available content. 

Gdpr compliant, ISO27001 certified

Opt-in and opt-out, storage of data within the European Union, ISO certification. Just a few assurances we offer, so you have all the tools you need to comply with all laws and regulations.

Important step in WCAG

Ensure digital accessibility

E-mail templates are the solution to promoting digital accessibility (WCAG) of your online expressions. By setting font size and colour contrast in advance, you ensure that your e-mails are also accessible to people with visual impairments, for example.


To measure is to know and improve

How successful was your last newsletter? Among other things, ID Newsletter offers insight into the open, bounce and click rates of your e-mails. Monitor how your e-mailing is doing and optimise the next one.