With ID Template Builder you can quickly respond to the content needs in your organisation by creating your own templates for online and offline media. Want a template for uniform social media images or a template for a product flyer? Build it yourself in the ID Template Builder. And the good news is: you don't need technical knowledge to do it. Nor do you need to tap into your designer skills. 

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Lightning-fast content creation

With ID Template Builder, you build your own templates for you and the rest of the organisation. That way you don't depend on anyone. Be efficient and create templates that allow all your colleagues to work on powerful brand expressions.

Build a template in 2 steps

The ID Template Builder allows you to build templates in a visual way. On a blank canvas, you determine the place for images, texts, videos and other brand building blocks, and your design will be ready. In the next step, you determine the user's freedoms or restrictions. Now your template is ready and can be used by your colleagues. 

Brand building blocks

Texts, images, logos and more

Using your brand building blocks, create templates for posters, flyers, brochures, social media posts and more. Determine whether or not the template users are allowed to change texts, logos, colours or pictures. You are in control of the user's degree of freedom. 

Encourage doing it yourself

Not dependent on an external party

Do you want the fish, or the fishing rod? We choose the rod. Like you, we like to be independent. You build the templates and encourage your colleagues to use them. This way, anyone can create on-brand expressions and you are not dependent on third parties. 

Create new templates yourself

Your designer probably doesn’t want simple tasks like adjusting text and photos. And are you still willing to pay unnecessarily for the cost of these minor adjustments? Build your own templates for expressions you use often. And engage your designer if you really need one. 

Customer experience

'We work more efficiently, because now we all do what we are good at. I provide the visual building blocks and the communications people put the texts directly where they belong.'

Linda vd Heijden, Designer Municipality of Tilburg