All content in one place with digital asset management

Our ID Mediabank is a true Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. In the ID Mediabank, you store all of your organisation's digital content in one central location. The user-friendly portal is up-to-date and accessible 24/7. Wherever you are. 

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Smart tags and filters

No matter how many files you have, the ID Mediabank will find images, video and more in seconds. Organisation-specific filters, a comprehensive search function and smart tags help you find the right files quickly.  

Share & manage media

Always the latest and correct version of all your media together and available to everyone who is allowed to work with it. Inside and outside your organisation. The ID Mediabank promotes the reuse of resources. This Digital Asset Management solution eliminates the need to still store files locally. 

ID Office Plugin

When creating PowerPoint and Word documents, you would of course prefer to use images of which the rights have been arranged and which contribute to the brand in the right way. With our Office 365 plugin, we make it even easier for you and your colleagues to get images directly from the ID Mediabank, without having to leave your Office program. Curious? We wrote an article about it before, but you can also request a demo to see the plug-in in action.

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'Consent' is one of the most important foundations of the GDPR. Not only does the ID Mediabank allow you to neatly and clearly arrange images, but also to thoroughly record the associated quitclaims. This may include extras agreements, portrait waivers, image rights or model release forms.


In the ID Mediabank, you link the (digital) quitclaims to the corresponding images and files. This way, you can always retrieve files by name if needed. Conversely, you can use a specific image to clarify the quitclaim.  


Why keep struggling with sharing large files securely and quickly? Many marketing and communications departments get frustrated with sharing files on the H: drive, via Dropbox, OneDrive, WeTransfer or SharePoint. And we get that. 


With the File Transfer solution in ID Manager, you share all your marketing and communication files in one place that is fully integrated within our solution. This allows you to easily, securely and quickly share (large) files with colleagues and external parties.

Control user rights and licences

Have the rights to a photo expired? Then it automatically disappears from the ID Mediabank. Secure consent forms by linking them to relevant media. Prevent unauthorised use and nasty damage claims.

24/7 Secure file sharing; internally & externally

Securely share one or more (large) files with colleagues or third parties. Forget WeTransfer, Dropbox or OneDrive; from now on, you have your own file sharing solution. 

Advanced roles & permissions

Thanks to a sophisticated roles and permissions structure, you decide who has access to which resources and applications. This helps you maintain control of usage and prevents users from losing track.

The right formats always available

Don't worry about file formats; all versions are available. In the right resolution, in the right format, for the right application; for online or offline use.

Customer experience

‘The Media Bank module allows Achmea to offer different types of assets to visitors of the brand guide in a user-friendly and unambiguous way. Here, we can decide ourselves which metadata to include for each asset so that visitors can quickly and easily find the right asset.'

Bart Strengers, brand & visual identity manager, Achmea