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Nowadays brands have grown from a ‘nice to have’ into a fundamental driver for company success. It is a main differentiator in a world where information and advertising are continuously fighting for the consumer’s attention. Managing your brand has become even more challenging. Faster, more complex and present in more (digital) channels, without borders. At the same time, ‘the brand’ is no longer the sole responsibility of the communications and/or branding department. All brand expressions combined determine and affect how your brand is perceived, defining trustworthiness and recognition. In other words, your brand is only as powerful as the combined effort of your organisation. And the only way to achieve this success, is you have the entire organisation act ‘on brand’. This is why we believe in a ‘brand community’. By facilitating this community we empower the organisation to communicate and act in a coherent way. Therefore we offer everything you need in order to bring your brand to life: from a Brand Portal to powerful Digital Asset Management, Publishing on Demand, Digital Publishing and much more.


Our mission is to make content creation as easy, quick, efficient and on brand as possible for our clients. Our ID Manager platform enables content to be created, translated, approved, saved and published.


Our strategy is to inspire organisations to start focusing on their 'closed loop' content creation process. Our intention is to become the single source for content. This content only ‘leaves’ our platform when it is approved, translated, enhanced with metadata and on brand.



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