Agile combined with traditional methods

Due to our extensive experience, we were able to develop Solutions and Best Practices for automating marketing and communication processes. This also brought about our way of handling projects. We tackle projects following an Agile model, which we combine with traditional methods.

Briefing and debriefing

All projects start with a briefing by our clients, from which we draw up a debriefing, outlining the solution, and deciding on a budget. 

Functional design

Upon approval, Capital ID will work out the solution into a functional design. This will then be discussed and approved in accordance with the client. If we follow the Agile method, the client decides on priorities within sprints, what will and won’t be done, or what will be picked up at a later stage.

Executing, testing, and hand-over

During the execution phase, Capital ID will implement and configure the solution. Upon completion, the solution will be thoroughly tested. If tests show satisfactory results, clients may then test their solution further, after following a live demo. Upon their approval, Capital ID will launch the solution. Clients can now freely use it.

Project organisation

Capital ID’s project organisation is built up of multiple disciplines. A Principal Consultant will lead the project, and function as the central contact from start to hand-over, and approval of the newly instated solution.

The Principal Consultant will remain the central contact, through whom customers through our Customer Success Programme can exchange ideas on activation and additional functionality possibilities, in order to increase the solution’s value for the future. 

Six Week Promise

Most projects, like adding a solution or functionality, work flow and design changes, can be handed over within six weeks: our Six-Week Promise. This helps clients build a structured marketing and communications platform, while keeping control of planning, means, and budgets.

Client team roles

  • Product Owner, client and decision maker
  • Marketing Manager, or Communications Manager (Internet, Intranet, Branding Project, owner ‘content’ solution)
  • Project Manager, direction, and lining up the right people
  • Key users, who can actively help testing before hand-over

Capital ID team roles

  • Principal Consultant & Customer Success
  • Architect
  • Business Analyst 
  • UX Designer

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