Our method

Agile combined with standard methods

Our method is best described as a combination of agile and a more standard project approach. This allows us to stay on top of everything and guarantee fast lead times, while still leaving sufficient room during the development process to make adjustments if necessary.

Project organisation: the client team

We prefer to work with a client team. That means that the right people – yours and ours – always meet at the right time.

At Capital ID, a project is managed by the Principal Consultant. They are your central point of contact within our organisation, from the start of the project until the end.

The Principal Consultant will remain your contact after the project’s completion. As part of our Customer Success Programme, they will think along about activation and possible new (additional) features that can further increase the strength and value of the solution going into the future.

Six Week Promise

Most of the projects we do for clients, e.g. adding a solution or functionality, workflow and changes in the design, can be completed within six weeks: our Six Week Promise. When setting up the programme, it allows our clients to implement a marketing and communication platform in a structured manner and maintain control over the planning, assets and budget.

Six Week Promise

Clear agreements. Quick & effective development.

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Free quickscan

Discover how ID manager can benefit your organisation. 

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ID Impact

Our clients are always up to date with the latest trends & features.

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