Web design for ID Manager

When it comes to the design of web applications, there are two important areas of attention: layout and interaction. ID Manager’s front end is made “on-brand” with elements of the brand style, e.g. logos, colours, visuals and web fonts. Interactions and page layouts are part of the design of the solutions.


The front-end portal, which is what most users will see, is designed in accordance with the client’s online brand guidelines. We offer two flavours to choose from: “vanilla” or “custom.”

NS Merkweb - Example 'vanilla' webdesign
NS Merkweb - Example 'vanilla' webdesign


Most of our clients go with the “vanilla” option, for which elements of the web design, e.g. the logo, web fonts, colours, images and the design of buttons, are created in keeping with the online brand guidelines. The layout (the ordering and position of the various elements) and interaction are provided by ID Manager. The combination of both results in an excellent user experience and ensures that the front end meets the brand guidelines for online applications and websites.

Using clever technology such as Foundation and SASS, we offer optimal flexibility for the design of the front end, efficiency during the implementation and a user experience that suits the various devices on which ID Manager’s front end is available.


The best example of a custom design is our own website. Yes indeed, this very website runs on a 100% ID Manager implementation. Because the goal was to create a “corporate website,” the layout and interaction were created based on designs we developed with wireframes and models.

System Manager

ID Manager’s System Manager offers standard web design that has been optimised for use by application administrators and content managers.

ID manager Systemmanager user interface
ID manager System Manager user interface