Webdesign for ID manager

For the design of a web application there are two main areas of focus: layout and interactions. The front-end of ID manager allows you to apply branded web design elements, such as colors, logo's, images and web fonts. Interactions and the overall lay-out of the front-end is part of the solution design.

There’s no magic equation to superb interface design, but when you see it, you know.
Source: TNW


The front-end that most users will see can be designed according to your brand's webdesign guidelines. There are two options available: vanilla or custom.

NS Merkweb - Example 'vanilla' webdesign
NS Merkweb - Example 'vanilla' webdesign


In the vanilla option, most used by our customers, webdesign elements such as logo, web font, colors, images and, for example, the look of buttons are designed according to your brand standards for webdesign. The  lay-out (organization) and interaction are provided by ID manager. The combination of the two provides not only an excellent user experience but also allows to comply to your brand standards for online applications.

Using smart technologies like Foundation and SASS, we offer maximum design flexibility, efficiency in the implementation and an excellent user experience on the devices you want ID manager to run on.


The best example of how custom design can look like is our website, which you are currently visiting. Yes, this website is fueled by 100% pure ID manager. Since the purpose is to serve as a website, both layout and interaction are implemented according to the designs we developed as wire-frames and mock-ups.


The webdesign of ID manager's Systemmanager is standard. The user interface and functionality is optimized for administration, content management and data-entry (import, export).

ID manager Systemmanager user interface
ID manager Systemmanager user interface