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Content & activation

Relevant content and a good introduction strategy are crucial

Supply of software alone is not enough. A successful introduction is at least as important. Our solutions only deliver the optimal result once populated with relevant content. Besides, an effective introduction strategy contributes to user-friendliness and acceptance.

the start of a change process

The introduction of a new application marks the start of a change process. The nature of cooperation changes, as does the way in which your people do their jobs. We like to bring all relevant employees into the process as early as possible, e.g. by involving them in the drawing up of processes or by asking for their help during the test phase. The model below helps us to facilitate change in the best way possible.


Content management

Do you need any help with the management of your marketing and communication content streams? Could you use a few extra hands to help you update or migrate large volumes of digital assets or content? We are happy to help!

Our support staff works on the cutting edge of marketing, communication and technology. That calls for a solution-oriented attitude. They think along about how to place, manage and publish your content as efficiently as possible. They put all that into practice behind the controls of ID Manager, where they carefully set up digital assets or content in accordance with the guidelines developed for your brand, marketing and communication portal or other forms of communication. In the event of a content migration, they detect obstacles in a timely manner and report findings and automation opportunities to the client or to the technicians.

Communication & Activation

We supply software that makes it possible to automate complex marketing communication processes. That is not all, however. We also feel obliged to provide an optimal user experience. We see our platform as an important foundation. A well-filled portal is the logical next step. We can help you set that up. On top of that, we like to go the extra mile by also offering support during the platform’s introduction. In the past, we have successfully supported clients during activation campaigns with e.g. training programmes, roadshows, the supply of communication content and campaign planning.