To get the most out of your ID manager platform, Capital ID can organize training sessions. You are very welcome at our training facility or we can offer incompany training sessions. All of our training sessions will be customized to the specific customers platform. We train small groups so every trainee can play an active role during the training.  

For administrators

Learn the basics of ID manager. Setting up and managing the ID manager platform, solutions and workflows with System Manager, the ID manager admin management tool. How to manage orders, users, roles and rights is also in this training.

For end users

Out enthousiastic trainers will learn end users to improve their skills and speed in using their marketing and communication applications and to discover the power of a platform. De training will be customized to the applications and worklows the user uses. Every trainee will receive a manual at the end of the training.

Oour training sessions can be half a day or a full day, depending on number of solutions to be trained and the number of trainees. Call us or fill in the contact form to request a training. We will contact you as soon as possible.