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Our consultants are your customers success managers

Software is not a stand-alone tool. It only becomes of any value if it is aimed at the actual needs, challenges and goals of our customers. Our goal is to make our customers as successful, profitable and productive as possible.

On a journey together

Our consultants take you on a journey and inspire you to make the most out of our technology. We use the model below to set the ambition level in combination with the organisation maturity. This is good food for discussion. Afterwards we draft a roadmap that aligns with these ambitions.


Digital Brand Management Maturity Model
Digital Brand Management Maturity Model, N.J. Beernink 2018


Experts in the right areas

Our consultants have their knowledge and experience in different areas, covering the domains of branding, marketing and communications as well as change management and process redesign. Our technical consultants are experts in IT-architecture, hosting, integrations, web-design and user experience.

Making your dreams come true

We’re sharing our knowledge and expertise during our close relationships with our customers. We want to understand and learn from their dreams and commit to a joined effort to make these come true. Our customers can benefit from our track record and expertise, in how a project will succeed, stakeholders become ambassadors and users become both happy and productive.

Together we innovate our solutions

The ID Manager solutions have been designed by our consultants, based upon almost 15 years of experience in making marketing and communication processes simple, efficient, compliant and stress free. Our solutions are therefor designed as ready to use out-of-the-box, and capable to adapt at any time.

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