We exist for one purpose: to serve and delight Capital ID customers. Have a question? Our team will help you find answers, whether through a reference document, email, phone call, or online session.  

As most marketing and communication platforms are used a lot on a daily base and run critical applications, having an enterprise-grade support service is a must. Our support services offer skilled, enthusiastic and customer focused support.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We offer an enterprise-grade service level agreement to fully support our customers.

What’s included

  • Guaranteed availability of our support team
  • Access to our support ticketing system ID tracker
  • 4 hours of service support (1st and 2nd line support to ID manager administrators)
  • Working hours support
  • Service levels on critical, urgent and routine issues
Issue typeConfirmationStatus reportWork on workaroundWork on final solution
Critical< 1 work hourContinueslyImmediatley< 2 work days
Urgent< 2 work hoursTwice a day< 2 work hours< 3 work days
Routine< 4 work hoursOnce a day< 4 work hours< 4 work days



Our SLA can be customized to fit the customers need. Examples in changes of SLA are:

  • More hours of service support
  • 24/7 critical issue support
  • Different service levels on issues