ID Manager marketing and communications platforms are used daily by thousands of people simultaneously. Business-critical applications demand support on which you can build. That one time it goes wrong, or if you have a query, you can count on Team Support.

Most ID Manager marketing and communication platforms are subject to intensive use on a daily basis and run business-critical applications and workflows. A professional, accessible support service is therefore a necessity. On the rare occasion that something goes wrong or if you have any questions, you can count on us.

Our support department consists of experienced, enthusiastic and customer-oriented support staff with a wealth of knowledge about ID Manager and client-specific setups.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Capital ID offers a professional Service Level Agreement with which we support our services.

The following is included:

  • Guaranteed availability of our support team
  • Access to the ID Tracker support ticket system
  • Four hours of support (first-line and second-line support for ID Manager administrators)
  • Support during office hours
  • Service levels for critical, urgent and routine issues
Issue typeConfirmationStatus reportWork on workaroundWork on final solution
Critical< 1 work hourContinueslyImmediatley< 2 work days
Urgent< 2 work hoursTwice a day< 2 work hours< 3 work days
Routine< 4 work hoursOnce a day< 4 work hours< 4 work days


Custom support

If you require additional support hours or want 24/7 critical support, it is possible to expand or customise the aforementioned SLA. Some examples of the possibilities include:

  • Additional support hours
  • 24/7 support for critical issues
  • Different service levels for the resolution of issues