ID manager is the only flexible platform with everything you need to manage constant change in marketing and communication operations.

It is a unique application and workflow platform in one. The foundation is a standard framework build with Microsoft .NET technology.

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ID manager can combine complex business process management (BPM) solutions with integrated business application solutions like digital asset management, web-to-print, reputation management, campaign management, event management and digital publishing.

The standard and flexible ID manager framework makes it possible to change workflows, applications and interface to custom needs. A standard platform with unprecedented flexibility for marketing and communication operations.

ID manager replaces many individual standard point solutions and adding the possibility to make custom changes. ID manager gives you the capability to automate complex and chained operation processes within marketing and communications. Something that is not possible with standard BPM, ECM or Collaboration software.


We do believe in a seamless user experience and integration of functionality and data where this really matters. Brand management and marketing communication operations benefit from an overarching concept, as opposed to silos and independent point solutions (please read our white paper on this topic here). This is why ID manager offers a broad set of solutions, which support a wide range of processes, content types, publication channels and touch points.


The solutions concept allows the customer to make a selection of these, only acquiring those who are needed. Solutions can be added later on if needed. Our solutions are being developed and improved based upon the knowledge and insights from our consultants as well as from our customers. The solutions are ready for use 'out-of-the-box' and are open for changes and adaptations if required.


ID manager has one of the best templating engines in the world and unlike most vendors can handle and automate complex, relational (InDesign) designs perfectly.


ID manager and its solutions are constantly being updated and new functionality is being added to the benefit of all or our customers. All insights and feedback we collect during our work for our customers contributes to new functionalities and improvements. And since the digital landscape is changing rapidly, we monitor and act on opportunities and relevant issues. Our customers receive updates of ID manager on a regular basis.


ID manager front-end

The ID manager portal offers a user friendly, fool-proof and appealing web interface where users perform their various tasks, such as: browse, search, read, share, download, create an item online or collaborate in teams. It aims to give the end-user the best user experience possible.

System Manager

ID manager System manager

System Manager is a powerful content and application management console, where authorized users have access. It is used to manage and configure solutions, templates, workflows, roles, users and much, much more. The user interface and functionality is optimized for administration and data-entry (import, export).

This offers flexibility and agility, allowing administrators to quickly respond to demands from end-users and changing situations.

Both the end-user frontend and Systemmanager use our ID manager Framework that contains all the ‘nuts and bolts’, technology and connectivity.


5-tier Architecture

  • 3-tier: presentation, business logic, data access
  • 2-tier: data storage and client interface layers

System Architecture

  • MS Windows Server 2012/R2 / IIS 8.0
  • MS SQL 2014
  • Recent versions supported