ID Manager

The foundation for all our smart solutions is called ID Manager: a flexible, scalable, secure and robust workflow and application platform. In other words: the most versatile marketing communication connector that any organisation could wish for. The fully customisable standard solution.

ID Manager is a unique application and workflow platform rolled into one. It is based around a standard framework developed with Microsoft .NET technology.

With ID Manager, complex business process management (BPM) solutions are combined with integrated application solutions. Think of e.g. marketing and communication applications such as Digital Asset Management, Web-to-Print, Reputation Management, Campaign Management, Event Management and Digital Publishing.

The flexible and standard ID Manager framework allows for the customisation of workflows, applications and even the interface itself.

With ID Manager, you can replace many separate standard solutions and fully customise them if you want. Furthermore, you can automate complex chain processes within marketing and communication – which is not possible with standard BPM software, ECM software or collaboration software.


We believe in the value of an effortless end user experience and the integration of functionality and data where it matters. Brand management, marketing and communication all benefit from an overarching concept. That is exactly why ID Manager offers a wealth of solutions for a wide range of processes, content, publication channels and touch points.


With the solutions concept, our clients can make their own selection and only invest in what they need. Other solutions can be added at a later stage. Our solutions are developed and improved using the knowledge and insight of both our consultants and our clients. The solutions are “out of the box,” ready for use and fully customisable.


ID Manager has one of the best templating engines in the world. For example, ID Manager recognises the complex relationships that come with designs made in e.g. InDesign. Our platform is able to automate these designs as well.


ID Manager and its solutions are continuously being developed and improved. New features are regularly added for our clients to take immediate advantage of. New insights and feedback are collected as we work together with our clients.

Because the digital landscape is one of rapid change, we keep a close eye on the latest developments, jump at new opportunities and possibilities and anticipate relevant issues – all while the user reaps the benefits!


ID manager front-end

The ID Manager portal offers a user-friendly, intuitive and appealing web interface that allows users to carry out a variety of tasks, including scrolling, searching, reading, sharing, downloading, compiling an online publication or working together in teams.

System Manager

ID manager System manager

System Manager is a powerful content and application management console that is accessible to authorised users. It is used to manage and configure not only solutions, but also templates, workflow, roles, users and much more. The user interface and functionality have been optimised for administrative tasks and data management. This results in flexibility and mobility, so administrators can react quickly to changing conditions and the wishes of end users.

The end user portal System Manager uses the ID Manager framework, which delivers all basic features, technology and connectivity.


5-tier architecture

  • 3-tier: presentation, business logic, data access
  • 2-tier: data storage and client interface layers

System Architecture

  • MS Windows Server 2012/R2 / IIS 8.0
  • MS SQL 2014
  • Support for recent versions